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Pharmaceutical packaging machinery diversification

Release time:2018-03-14

The mechanical function of pharmaceutical products have become diversified refined and diversified development, single varieties and large quantities of products less and less, and many varieties of small batch products become mainstream. In the trend of the environment, diversified, with a variety of switching function, can adapt to a variety of packaging materials and mould replacement of packing machine can meet the needs of the market. For example, in a blister packaging machine can carry out the "plastic" and "packaging aluminum packaging, and easy to switch, for replacement of die less.Tool changing time in 1~2 hours, so a long time can not adapt to the production requirements of the many varieties of small batch.

The modular structure design standard for the traditional industrial design, if you want to launch a new model, requires a lot of hard work, but also on new equipment to recover design costs, thus driving up the price of new models. The design of the future should be designed with a standardized, modular, modular design can make full use of the original model, in a short period of time can be converted into the new models, the new models of price control in a reasonable scope.

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